NASA's Curiosity Rover Completes 6 Years On Mars

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Newest Information : NASA's Curiosity Rover Completes 6 Years on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover is celebrating its sixth anniversary on Mars which is at the moment experiencing a world storm.

“I touched down on #Mars six years in the past. Celebrating my sixth touchdown anniversary with the standard reward of iron… oxide. (It places the pink in Crimson Planet.),” mentioned a tweet despatched out by the rover on Sunday.

Curiosity, which landed on Mars in 2012, was designed to evaluate whether or not Mars ever had an setting in a position to assist small life kinds referred to as microbes. In different phrases, its mission is to find out the planet’s “habitability.”

The rover is at the moment preserving its “eyes” on a mud occasion that had gone international by June 20.

Most of NASA’s spacecraft are learning the mud storm from above. However the Curiosity rover has a novel perspective: the nuclear-powered science machine is basically proof against the darkened skies, permitting it to gather science from throughout the beige veil enveloping the planet.

Curiosity has a variety of “eyes” that may decide the abundance and measurement of mud particles based mostly on how they scatter and soak up gentle, NASA mentioned in an announcement in July.

That features its Mastcam, ChemCam, and an ultraviolet sensor on REMS, its suite of climate devices.

NASA misplaced contact with its Alternative rover because of the storm.

Based mostly on the longevity of a 2001 international storm, NASA scientists estimate it could be September earlier than the haze has cleared sufficient for Alternative to energy up and name dwelling.

Overview : NASA's Curiosity Rover Completes 6 Years on Mars

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